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Every business needs help from time to time

As entrepreneurs, we have experienced how difficult it can be to find good solutions for financing. That is why we focus on flexible financing for small companies that have ambitions to grow.

Quality joint in Stockholm, customers of Qred
Thanks to Qred, we were able to lease our company car and pay salaries.

-Joakim & Erik, Bygg- og Anleggsfirma

Qred contacted us within a day with a loan offer. It felt like a good deal!

-Kenny, The good gringo

Robban at Kaffebaren, customer of Qred
Qred helped me keep going during tough times.

- Robert, The Coffee Bar

driven entrepreneurs
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Qred was born in Stockholm with the goal of improving the business experience of small businesses and putting the customer's needs first.


Qred expands to the Finnish market and opens offices in both Helsinki and Latvia.


Qred opens the gates to the Danish market.


Qred makes its entry into the Dutch market.


Qred introduces its invoicing service Qred Factoring. Qred is also establishing operations in Brazil.


Qred is launched in Belgium and the Financial Times names Qred Sweden's fastest growing company.


Qred launches its credit card for entrepreneurs and its new app.


Qred is launched in Norway to offer business loans.


Qred officially became a bank.

The story of Qred

In 2015, my business partners and I set out to change the old business of lending, and more specifically to small businesses. Historically, the smallest businesses have been underbanked and poorly served by the old, traditional banks. We speak from experience, because we've been in the same situation that hundreds of small businesses face every day.

Let me tell you a short story: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a relatively young and ambitious entrepreneur, let's call him Emil, who wanted to start his own business. There was a lot to learn, and a lot that was new, exciting and unknown. One of the first things Emil had to do was go to a bank to get a bank account for his company.

After a 15-minute meeting where he told the banker in a nice suit about his business plans, the entrepreneur was told that the bank didn't think the business idea seemed well thought out and unfortunately he couldn't become a customer of the bank. Fortunately, the entrepreneur didn't give up and eventually managed to find a bank that would accept his start-up as a customer.

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Qred is growing fast and we are constantly looking for new Qredsters.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a higher loan?

You can apply for a higher loan on the website, by logging in to My Qred or by contacting customer service by phone 32 99 36 41. If you want to apply for a higher business loan than what you have been granted, you can request a new assessment. In some cases, we may request additional documentation to ensure that we have the correct basis for our assessment.

Do you take a credit check?

Yes, in order to make an assessment of your application, we must carry out a credit check. If you have blocked yourself from a credit check, you can open the block temporarily on Creditsafe or Experian's websites.

Can several people act as guarantors on the same loan?

Yes, you can provide several guarantors.

Who can act as guarantor?

The person applying for a business loan acts as guarantor. This indicates the general manager, chairman, board member or shareholder.

What is self-debtor bail?

In the case of a self-debtor guarantee, the guarantor provides a guarantee for the borrower's ability to pay and willingness to pay.

Is the repayment plan binding?

No, the repayment plan is not binding and you can therefore repay your business loan at any time at no extra cost. Please contact customer service if you plan to repay the loan earlier so that we can produce a final invoice for you.

When is the first due date?

The first due date is one month from when you signed the contract. You will be sent an invoice 10 days before the due date with an account and KID number that is valid for the entire loan period. Contact customer service if you need to change the due date.

Can I have an EHF invoice sent to me?

We do not offer this service, but we can update your email address to receive invoices.

How do I pay off my loan?

You pay a fixed monthly fee and installments on the loan to your company according to your repayment plan, which you can find by logging in to My Qred with BankID.

How do I receive the invoice?

The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the application form.

Please contact customer service if you want us to change this or send it to you by post. You can also find the invoice by logging in to My Qred with BankID, which is the self-service portal for Qred customers.

Do you have a redemption fee?

No, we have no redemption fee. You can therefore redeem your entire business loan at any time at no extra cost.

Why was I rejected?

A refusal can be due to several reasons, such as, for example, that we have not succeeded in getting in touch with you or received the requested documentation.

Do you have an establishment fee?

No, we have no set-up fee. You pay a fixed monthly fee every month until the loan is paid off.

How long a repayment period do you offer?

We offer a repayment period of up to 36 months, depending on your company's needs. We don't have a fixed term on our business loans so you have the opportunity to reduce the cost of repaying the loan in a more rapid way, saving money in the process.

Who can apply for a business loan?

Companies with the legal form ENK, AS, DA, ANS or ASA can apply for a business loan. The applicant must have a Norwegian BankID and signature rights in order to sign a business loan agreement.

How is my application for a business loan assessed?‍

When you have submitted an application for a business loan, we will contact you by phone and e-mail. Before we can assess your application, we need to familiarize ourselves with your company. We take into account the desired loan amount and the financial situation, where you may be asked to submit supplementary documentation. The purpose is to tailor a financing solution adapted to the company's needs and wishes.

Do you offer loans for setting up a new business?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you start your own business, but we are happy to help in the start-up and growth phase.

When will I get the money in my account?

We will try to process your application within one hour. If your loan application is approved, you will receive an offer by email and SMS. Upon signing, you fill in your bank account for disbursement, and the business loan will be disbursed within minutes.

Can I choose to sign the loan offer later?

The loan offer is valid for 10 days, but we can of course send the loan offer again if it has expired. Contact customer service on 32 99 36 41 or support@qred.no and we will help you!

Can I sign the agreement with BankID on mobile?

Yes, you can sign the agreement with BankID (password and one-time code) or BankID on mobile.

Can I choose a shorter repayment term than what I have been offered?

Yes, you can choose a shorter repayment period yourself before signing the agreement.

Can I choose a lower loan amount than what I have been offered?

Yes, you can choose how much you want to borrow from the approved amount.

Can I receive a payment to a foreign bank account?

No, we only pay the money to a Norwegian bank account belonging to the company.

How does a business qualify for a Green Loan from Qred?

The company must show active measures towards green investments, such as payment for an electric car, solar cell offer or order confirmation for environmentally friendly equipment. Read more about Green Loans here. There are slightly different conditions for our green loans than for our regular business loans.

What can businesses use Green Loans for?

Green Loans can be used for environmentally friendly investments such as renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, green transportation and sustainable production.

What is a green loan from Qred?

A green loan from Qred is a financing option that supports environmentally friendly investments for businesses.

How do I repay the loan?

You can choose to refund the full amount, at no extra cost. Contact us or log in to My Qred.

We offer loans to businesses, where you fill out an application form on our website or on My Qred if you are already a customer with us. We offer short-term financing between SEK 10,000 and 5,000,000.

What is the cost of a business loan?

We carry out an overall credit assessment of the company before we determine an individual monthly fee.

Read more about business loans.

How do I contact Qred?

We offer unsecured business loans, which means that we do not take security in property, operating assets, accounts receivable or inventory. Instead, you act as a guarantor on our loans.

You can contact us by calling 32 99 36 41, emailing support@qred.no or chatting with us here on the website. We are open Mon-Fri between 08:00-17:00.

Can I repay the loan early?

Absolutely! Qred has no lock-in period or early redemption fee for our business loans.

I have no Norwegian bank. Can I get a business loan from Qred?

No, you must have an account with a Norwegian bank to get a business loan from us.

Where can I get an overview of my business loan?

You can get a full overview of your business loan by logging in to My Qred with BankID.

For information

‍ Your loan agreement and repayment plan can be downloaded before you sign a business loan agreement. All necessary documents will also be sent by e-mail after the agreement has been signed.

What is My Qred?

This is a self-service portal for customers of Qred. The portal gives you a full overview of your active loan, including your repayment plan and upcoming invoice. It also gives you an overview of previous loans with Qred.

Can I apply for a new or higher loan on My Qred?

Yes, you can easily apply for a new or higher loan on My Qred , where you will receive an answer within an hour.

Who is Qred Bank?

Qred Bank is a bank for entrepreneurs. We help small and medium-sized businesses with the right type of financing. All Norwegian companies can apply for a loan of up to SEK 5,000,000 without having to go to the bank.