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What are the advantages of a partnership with Qred?

As a partner of Qred you enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, you are eligible for a commission on each successful referral (accepted loan). Secondly, a partnership with Qred is the ideal opportunity to expand your business reach and broaden your customer base. For example, do you sell goods or services to other businesses, like company vehicles, IT-services or supplies? Then a partnership with Qred helps your customers find quick and reliable financing to purchase your products. Our partners help other businesses grow, invest and innovate, whilst getting rewarded for it: it's a win-win-situation for all. 

Advantages of partnership: 

  • Commission on each successful referral (accepted loan)
  • Attractive growth opportunities in a competitive market
  • Help your customers find quick financing for your products and/or services
  • Expand your business reach and broaden your customer base
  • Qred is fully responsible for the financial risk: you have zero risk or liability
  • Become affiliated with the 8th fastest growing company in Europe
  • Take advantage of expertise on how to maximize your partner potential

Qred is a financial agent that is subject to the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority's rules, where Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS oversees our operations.

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