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With Qred's company card, you can save money on everything you buy for your company

Get 1% cashback
Pay all your invoices with one card
Take the next step for higher credit with Qred's corporate card

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Qred Visa card payment

Buy today, pay later with Qred's corporate card

With Qred's business card, all your purchases become easier. The company card can be used everywhere. Regardless of whether you want to use it for purchases or to pay your invoices, you always have money for what you need. And the best part? Everything ends up on one and the same invoice that comes once a month.

Save money when you shop

With Qred's company card you save money on all your purchases for the company! Every time you use your company card - online or offline - you get 1% cashback. The earned cashback is deducted from your monthly invoice. 

It's simple - if you have made purchases for NOK 10,000, you will receive an invoice for NOK 9,900.

1% cashback
Qred Visa pay

Unlimited possibilities, no costs

You pay nothing extra for purchases for your company with the company card from Qred. There are also no additional costs when you pay your entire invoice at once. But if you would rather pay part of the invoice, then an interest rate starting at 1.95% per month is added. 

Yearly fee

Use in Norway

Use abroad




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Collect all your receipts in one place - digitally!

With us you can get all your receipts digitally so that you can manage your expenses in a simple way. This means that when you have bought something, you only need to take a picture of the receipt with your mobile phone. At the end of each month you will receive a report with all expenses. Good, right?

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Pay your company's bills and invoices with Qred's company card!

Use the company card's interest-free period

Works with payment to all Norwegian account numbers

Pay all types of invoices; electricity bills, supplier invoices, etc

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Get everything in Qred's app

Activate your company card
Pay your invoices with the company card
Manage card settings

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Qred's business card cost?

The card is free of charge and has no monthly fee. The purchase has an average interest-free period of 45 days. Once a month you will receive an invoice with 14 days payment terms. You choose whether you want to pay the entire invoice at once (0% interest) or split it up (from 1.95% per month).

How do I handle an expense in the app?

After you have made a purchase with your Qred VISA, you go to the most recent transaction in the app, click on the expense and select "Manage expense". Then you can start the camera on your mobile and take a picture of the receipt. Sure! 

When you have taken a picture, you fill in which category describes the type of purchase and how much tax there is in kronor. At the end of each billing period, you will receive a report of all transactions that have been handled.

Can I pay invoices with my company card?

Yes, once you have received and activated your Qred company card, you can use it to pay invoices with Qred's mobile app.

Do like many other companies

Try Qred's business card completely free of charge. The company card gives you the opportunity to pay your expenses when your company needs it.
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